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Which iPhone RSS reader do you use?

I installed the WordPress app on my shiny new iPhone 3GS as a way to update this sadly outdated blog.

I have to say, the idea of blogging from this device is kinda blowing mind right now.

Anyway. Of course I also installed Netnewswire since it’s my desktop client of choice. The ability to keep mobile and desktop clients synchronized is a key requirment for me.

Netnewswire happens to use Newsgator for this service.

But I’m having some sync issues which are not making me happy. And there are some pretty glaring deficiencies in the iPhone app (hello, no previous item button, just to name one).

Tried out Free RSS Reader but the sync issues were worse. Which gives me pause in shelling out 5 bucks for the Pro version.

Which RSS reader do you use on your iPhone? I have no wish to use Google Reader for synching, so I think I’m locked into an app that uses Newsgator.


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I Love Krayon Brooks

OK, now I finally know which name and face to associate with Unicorn Planet. It’s Krayon Brooks!

Get Into It

WordPress won’t let me embed the above video. Boo!

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The Polite Umbrella

Well, we almost beat our record for consecutive days with rain rain rain. Just shy of a month, but it made for lots of staying in.

Stumbled across this link in the midst of the poopy weather. This would make going out in the rain actually fun: the polite umbrella. (Make sure to watch the movie linked on the page.)

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Cat fight!

Flickr is cool. I’m not sure how I found it, but there’s a cat couples pool that I check every day. Apparently, there are bigger kitty freaks than me out there, who lie in wait with their cameras for their cats to do something, anything, that will appeal to people like me.

This pic cracks me up so much.

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Christmas trees

Owen sniffs the treeI never thought of myself as much of a Scrooge. Christmas was never a favorite holiday, though I have to admit that parts of it are pretty cool.

K and I got a tree for him to put up today. A small, cute one: noble pine. The trees we had in the islands were pretty lame: all stringy and bare. But the Northwest has the real deal.

Once we got it inside, I became giddy. Funny how this Christmas felt more real all of a sudden with the simple addition of tree.

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