Christmas trees

Owen sniffs the treeI never thought of myself as much of a Scrooge. Christmas was never a favorite holiday, though I have to admit that parts of it are pretty cool.

K and I got a tree for him to put up today. A small, cute one: noble pine. The trees we had in the islands were pretty lame: all stringy and bare. But the Northwest has the real deal.

Once we got it inside, I became giddy. Funny how this Christmas felt more real all of a sudden with the simple addition of tree.



  1. Isa said

    You need to see the trees we brought in. Nothing like dem ole straggly tings daddy used to bring home!!!! I remember one year, when we lived on Village Rd. I saw him through the picture window walking across the street with the ugliest fucking tree. I think he used to exclude us from the tree buying process cos trees are so expensive here, & the only ones he wanted to shell out money for were dem fugly ones!

  2. Lis said

    Whas dat big black thing next to the tree? The CAT?!

  3. notawesome said

    That’s Owen. 🙂 Click on the picture to see a bigger version.

  4. Ken said

    Owen pretty much will consume any plant I bring into the house. Which is why the only houseplants I have are cacti. Due to their ability to defend themselves from kitty teeth.

    However, he seems to not realize, for some reason, that he could probably climb the tree. So he’s just leaving it alone. So far.

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