Rule of Rose – I Beat the Mermaid!

God DAMN, I hate the mermaid.

There are very few games that make me want to throw my controller, but this miniboss fight definitely put Rule of Rose up there for me, despite its charms.

After my sixth death, I kept asking myself, “I’m playing this instead of Okami?”

Using the meat cleaver against her seemed most appropriate, even though the steel pipe had the best range. Here’s what worked for me:

Stand still until you hear her screaming, the computer will position her above your location so be ready to move before her initial puddle of vomit drops down.

Once she does, try to run around to her back if you can, then quickly attack with whatever weapon you prefer. You should be able to get two hits in if you’re fast enough. Her flailing attack is preceded by “Hiiii Yahhhh!”, so haul ass if you hear it.

Just about all of the time, your two hits will prevent her flailing attack and she’ll go up again.  Just make sure you run after you land two hits, maybe even one once she starts moving faster or dropping into further parts of the room.

Take your time and she should be sushi before long.

I almost gave up to go nuzzle Okami, but this forum post on Gamespot gave me heart and made me laugh. The first post has the sound effects down.



  1. Desiree said

    Mmm, puddle of vomit….think I’ll give that game a pass.

  2. notawesome said

    I think I’m done with it too actually.

    But I won’t delete my save file just yet. If I ever have the opportunity to play it again, I’d like to finish it. Just not in the mood now to go on fetch quests walking furtively from one end of the ship to the other, 10 second load times every time I friggin open a door to enter a different area. Jesus.

    The story, when it moves forward, is still delightfully twisted. But it’s torture (in my current frame of mind at least) getting to those key points. Maybe survival horror is a genre I should avoid. Despite my appetite for all of its individual elements, they just don’t do it for me when combined together.

  3. Lacie said

    I was doing fine until I got to the fricken mermaid.
    After dying 6 or so times I sold the game and haven’t thought of it since.
    Maybe I’ll buy it when the price goes down.
    But I must say,Rule of Rose is delightful,If you’re into projectile vomiting mermaids.

  4. Acinonyx said

    Rule of Rose..
    hi everybody,
    I’ve found this blog by googling “mermaid” and “Rule of Rose” keywords..
    the problem is I hate that game so much, but my girlfriend always wants to play at it.. (and she’s playing right now)
    so I’ll get your hints, hoping to kill the f..antastic mermaid.. grr..

  5. Amanda said

    Yeah Im stuck there. I did the hit and run, beat senseless, meat cleaver which ever. I love the story but I’m getting close to just saying forget it and sell it.

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