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Which iPhone RSS reader do you use?

I installed the WordPress app on my shiny new iPhone 3GS as a way to update this sadly outdated blog.

I have to say, the idea of blogging from this device is kinda blowing mind right now.

Anyway. Of course I also installed Netnewswire since it’s my desktop client of choice. The ability to keep mobile and desktop clients synchronized is a key requirment for me.

Netnewswire happens to use Newsgator for this service.

But I’m having some sync issues which are not making me happy. And there are some pretty glaring deficiencies in the iPhone app (hello, no previous item button, just to name one).

Tried out Free RSS Reader but the sync issues were worse. Which gives me pause in shelling out 5 bucks for the Pro version.

Which RSS reader do you use on your iPhone? I have no wish to use Google Reader for synching, so I think I’m locked into an app that uses Newsgator.


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