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I Love Krayon Brooks

OK, now I finally know which name and face to associate with Unicorn Planet. It’s Krayon Brooks!

Get Into It

WordPress won’t let me embed the above video. Boo!


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Ocarina iPhone app

I’ve been wondering why we haven’t seen more iPhone apps that take a page from the DS and incorporate “blow into the mic” functionality. Since I don’t own an iPhone (yet!) though, I may have missed some.

But how cool is this? Nevermind that the movie below demos the “Zeldarian mode,” but get this: apparently it responds not only to your breath and multi-touch, but to the tilt of the iPhone as well. And you can actually listen to other Ocarina app users around the world.

Right now it’s 99 cents. ZOMG!

Ocarina in the App Store.

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Image by *spacecoyote

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