Late to the Party: Firefly and Heroes

Cast of “Firefly”I blinked and missed “Firefly” when it was on TV. But word on the street talked it up, and recommendations for good TV always seemed to include it. (Thanks, D!)

Finally picked up a copy from the library and we’ve gotten about halfway through it. “Serenity” is on hold.

The few times I caught it while channel surfing, I didn’t know what to make of the six shooters in space thing. I guess I like my sci-fi with bright lasers streaking across the screen, sleek ships joined in outer space dogfights. “Battlestar Galactica” being the one big exception to the laser rule, even though they’re pissing away Season 3.

I just don’t like westerns. The whole outlaw, bar fight, saloon girl, arid climate, covered wagons and twangy guitar (which I like on its own) thing doesn’t do it for me. But I’m giving it a chance.

Sean Maher in “Firefly”The Reavers have yet to make an appearance, and I’m hoping there will be some kind of explanation as to why characters spontaneously exclaim in what sounds like Chinese. I’ve also been trying to figure out if Sean Maher, who plays the doctor, is cute. (I think I’ve decided he is.)

And I have no idea where they’re taking River, but I’m interested to see.


One thing I’ve noticed is that around 38 minutes in to each episode, with about 7 or 8 to go, things resolve themselves into a pat ending fairly quickly. Hurtling towards a big net that will fry everybody inside?  Open the airlock and shoot at it. Doctor and sister about to be burned at the stake? Serenity swoops in after its uncharacteristic departure earlier on. Duelling with swords against a superior opponent?  Emerge with a slight flesh wound over your defeated foe.


The episode order on the back of the DVD cases and in the menus themselves are all screwed up too. What’s up with that?

And then there’s “Heroes” on NBC/Sci Fi Channel. Seems like everyone I know is talking about it–even the ones not into comic books. When I heard about it before it started airing, it sounded like some lame attempt to cash in on the recent resurgence of comic book movies.

Perhaps. But I’m gonna start watching it now. Sci Fi is having a marathon next Wednesday (11/29), I believe. Funny how all those boyhood fantasies of having powers still exercise a hold on me.



  1. Darmok said

    Regarding the Chinese, I don’t know if they ever explicitly explain it in the series or if it even gets mentioned in passing, but they do discuss it on the extended features on the DVD. NOT REALLY A SPOILER BUT JUST IN CASE: The United States and China were the only two powers to expand into space, which is why both English and Chinese are commonly spoken. This also allows the characters to swear much more freely than they normally could on television. REMOVE if having this will bother you in any way.

  2. Nuwanda said

    You haven’t watched heroes yet?? You really have got to m8!!! 🙂

  3. My wife and I caught up with Firefly on DVD, as well, and we loved it. The Western theme is distracting at first, but after a few eps, you just accept it as a given and focus on the characters.

  4. Darmok said

    →Extrapolater, it’s funny: nowadays, if I hear that sort of music in a commercial or something similar, it always reminds me of Firefly. Incidentally, I, too, missed Firefly on television; I watched the whole series on DVD as well.

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