Wii Midnight Launch at Ballard Fred Meyer

I didn’t get one. Joan Crawford in Mommie Dearest

So, here was the plan.

I’ve commented on other blogs that I hate Best Buy, EB Games and Gamestop. Walmart is just plain evil. I don’t do preorders. Blah blah blah.

Instead, I picked Fred Meyer as the place to buy a Wii. Last week, I asked a clerk in the electronics department what the deal was:

  • 70 units
  • Midnight opening
  • Random drawing – “to discourage camping” and “to be more fair”. Numbers would be handed out at 11:45pm.

K and I had going away party to go to for a good friend, and I wasn’t about to spend all night driving around to different stores during his farewell bash. With this information, it was gonna be a drive up at 11:40pm, hopefully get called and return to the party with a Wii under my arm. And if I didn’t get one, no big deal.

A call earlier today to Fred Meyer and there was no line. But at the party, some friends had reported seeing about 20-30 people waiting around 7:30pm. A call to another friend confirmed there were now going to be 90 units available.

We arrived around 11:20pm to find a line of about 100 or so people, and we were right behind this sign:

Liars, fools!

Some guy was messing with the number 90, but what bugs me the most is the part about no raffle.

I knew I should have checked with more than one person. But I told myself that I wouldn’t go crazy and drive over to Northgate, where there’s a cluster of places that must have been mobbed (Target, Best Buy, Toys R Us, EB Games, Gamestop).

We waited anyway. K found out that there was a list at the front with 90 names already on it. No chance of getting one. But I insisted we stay just to make sure.

They came down with their clipboards, reading off names and handing out pink slips to the lucky ones. They stopped about 5 people in front of us and had one extra ticket left from some fool who wasn’t present.

My call for a random drawing/knife fight went unheeded. The next person in line got it. So close! The misinformation about the raffle really screwed us, which is a shame.

Oh well. We’ll see how well I can balance staying calm with obsessive calling around to other Seattle stores in the next few days. I’m determined to remain laid back about acquiring a Wii.

At least I got a present to display in the meantime.



  1. wingerz said

    Didn’t get mine this morning either, but I’m trying to stay laid back too. Hopefully I’ll be able to pick one up in the next few weeks.

  2. […] Wii Midnight Launch at Ballard Fred Meyer […]

  3. productsforlife said

    I camped out all night at a Future Shop in Canada with a friend. There were 60 available (we got one), and maybe 150 people in line by the morning. We also got egged at about 2 AM.

  4. jitters said

    If it gets really bad, you could always buy Burger King’s video games.

  5. Gamestop is a rip off. If I were you, I’d rather get bad info, wait in line and not get a Wii, then walk in the door at Gamestop and buy one. I know they’re all the same price right now, but when it comes to other stuff, Gamestop is crappy. I know this because I live in a house where everyone plays Guitar Hero a lot. Anyway, good luck on your Wii quest 🙂

  6. rybanis said

    There were a few the other night at my local target. I kind of wish I was out there with them. I need disposable income.

  7. Mollers said

    I was at that same Fred Meyer, got there at 3pm expecting to wait it out. Brought my DS and played along with just about every other person around me. Got my Wii, Zelda, Marvel Alliance and the Wiimote/Nunchuck. Glad I got there early!

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