Kickass Rechargeable Cells for the the Wii-mote

USB rechargeable AA batteriesNo way.

I love me some GayGamer. My (unfair, self-loathing perhaps?) expectations of a gimmicky game news site were entirely unfounded.

This post specifically could make a huge difference in one of my primary concerns about owning a Wii: rechargeable AA batteries, via USB? These look kick yo ass HOT!

Anybody know if rechargeable cell technology has progressed so that battery life no longer sucks? My limited knowledge extends up to the lithium ion battery in my PowerBook and 3rd generation iPod. The instructions for calibrating the new batteries in MacBook Pros are different now.

Looks like these are NiMH batteries, which I know nothing about. Research time.

UPDATE: Looks like Engadget likes them (based on TrustedReviews’ review of them). Even better, looks like they’re coming out in the USA a day after the Wii launches.

The comments in the Engadget post were helpful to me since I didn’t know that much about rechargeable batteries. Some cursory Googling led me to this FAQ about NiMH batteries.


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  1. ghjftyghj said

    this is so awesome I could use tis for the wii

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