Price Thoughts on the Nintendo Wii

My chagrin at the $249.99 price tag for the Wii makes me think I need to pay less heed to all the speculation that seems to be the standard fare on a lot of gaming blogs of late. I can’t say for certain, but I think I would have been OK with the announcement if I had learned earlier to ignore the arguments for $199. Oh well. I know better now.

One thing that I’ve steadily dreaded, however, is the prospect of having to buy a bunch of peripherals for the Wii. And it looks like if I want to take a dip into the Virtual Console, I’ll have to pick up the hideous looking old-school controller. It looks like something you’d put your eyeglasses in.

Wii classic controller

And for the requisite extra Wii-motes + nunchuku if I really want to party, that’s an extra $180. I’ll just settle with an extra pair for $60 and leave it at that for a while to nurse my bank account.

The game, because I’ll only get one at launch, will most likely be Zelda; if there are any copies to be had. Altogether, that’s $360, not including tax.

Actually, considering I paid $300 for the PS2, way past the launch date, that’s not too bad at all. Two full Wii-motes, two games (Wii Sports and Zelda) is pretty good. And it’s what, five, six years later?

Other titles that have my interest for the time being:

  • Trauma Center – already own on the DS, so may hold off
  • Rayman – haven’t played a Rayman game; never liked the character design, he always creeped me out. But the rabbits are so cute!
  • Red Steel – barring horrendous control issues
  • WarioWare – very underwhelmed with the DS version, but it’s worth a rental

A huge concern I have is physical discomfort during long play sessions. Will waving my arms around prove more tedious than fun once the novelty wears off? And what about all the AA batteries I’m gonna burn through just to keep my Wii-motes powered? I will flip out if they cut out in the middle of something very important. Time to look into rechargeable cells.

Messing around with the Mii channel and creating an avatar looks like it’ll be fun. And I finally get to check out Pikmin and Wind Waker (GameCube backwards compatibility). I still have an N64 (collecting dust), but have been meaning to find a copy of Majora’s Mask to play. If it comes out on the Virtual Console, maybe I’ll buy it.

I’ve never acquired a console on launch day. My bad math after the price announcements made me waver initially, but after more thought, I’m gonna hopefully be a Wii owner come November 19.

UPDATE: This post on Aeropause helped me to refine my thinking specific to price even more. At the risk of repeating what I said in the comments, I forgot to factor in the price of a memory card and extra controller for my upfront PS2 expenditure. I can’t remember the respective prices but I’m thinking it was $50-75 extra, bringing my calculations for an initial Wii purchase right on par with what I spent for a PS2 ($350-375). This is immensely reassuring.



  1. jjj said

    you can use your wavebird instead for the vc and save $20……nes games you can play on the wiimote

  2. notawesome said

    Good to know about the Wavebird– I wonder if Nintendo is publishing this little nugget for their stalwart fans though, since this is the first I’ve heard of it.

    Now all would be well if only I had one. 🙂

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