OMFG – Okami’s out today?

GamestopRefreshing my RSS feeds just now brought up a post on MetaCritic. For Okami.

Site says it’s out today and I’m frantically Googling as I type this to confirm, while holding the phone in the crook of my shoulder to speak to the nearest game store.

Oh crap. Gamespot says Sept. 19. Boo!!

I thought I was excited for this game, but this was an unexpected reaction to its sudden “availability”. I know now that I ache for Okami. A title with the potential to join Ico and Rez as sublime play (dare I say, art) experiences in my PS2 library.

UPDATE: After I night’s sleep I think I’ve figured out where my drop-everything-to-get-the-game reaction came from.

Okami is one of a handful of titles that I expect to be my PS2’s swan song. Here’s the list:

  • Okami
  • Final Fantasy XII
  • Guitar Hero II
  • God of War 2

I don’t plan on getting a PS3 any time soon. Partly because this is my typical approach to buying shiny new things that suck up all my time (MacBook Pro, DS Lite–I’m coming for you babies! Even my PS2 was many months late in coming). But mostly because, I’m at turns underwhelmed and flummoxed by what Sony is doing to shoot itself in the foot this generation.

The price point alone is a significant deterrent. So it looks like I’ll be (re)playing through my PS2 library for a while, and checking out titles that I never got to (currently enjoying Indigo Prophecy, Beyond Good and Evil and Kingdom Hearts).

Bring on the Wii.


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