Upon Finishing Season 2.0 of “Battlestar Galactica”

OK, OK, I got on the bandwagon pretty late.

Blalock as T'PolLike many, I heard about this “re-make” and dismissed it as further evidence of Hollywood/TV’s creative bankruptcy: what other old series/IPs can we drag from the grave and feed to younger, zombified generations? Plus I didn’t have cable so it was easy enough to ignore.

But then “Enterprise” was cancelled, just when it started getting good too, and my regular dose of sci-fi TV vanished like a pouty Vulcan off on a Pon’Far bender.

I was never one to watch TV series on DVD either.

But just about all of my geeky acquaintance talked up the show. And last Christmas, K and I decided to rent the first disc of “24”. We ended up finishing season 1. By the way, I’ve been meaning to blog about some interesting and disturbing things from this show–another post that may or may not happen-sorry. 😦

The “Battlestar Galactica” pilot kicked serious ass. And I queued up Seasons 1 and 2.0 at the library with a quickness. Still have to watch Season 2.5.


The introduction of the Pegasus, besides bringing in Ro Laren, created some really intense and conflicting feelings in me.

Up until this point, I felt such strong distrust towards Sharon, constantly berating the TV any time the crew, esp. Helo, the hot fool, showed sympathy towards her. “About fucking time,” I thought as the card-playing crew members ostracized him for all his dumbass behavior.

But after seeing the Pegasus “interrogator” in action, and hearing the drunken crows of the Pegasus officers on the flight deck, so rank with masculine posturing and all the destructive violation and cruelty that attends it, I suddenly found myself in Helo’s shoes.

All the indignation Galactica’s crew was meant to feel at this new presence in their lives, the return to a more overly aggressive military and whatever comentary on the current administration that may have been intended by the writers, I felt acutely too.

I didn’t undergo a complete reversal towards the Cylons, but all the slow burning complexity the writers have been slipping in is really paying off for me. Even as far back as the pilot episode, Commander Adama’s speech resonates with one of the show’s recurrent themes visited in this cliffhanger:

“You can’t play God and wash your hands of the things you’ve created. Sooner or later the day comes, when you can’t hide from the things that you’ve done.”

In the leaps of faith demonstrated towards Sharon (ill-advised or not), the outrages visited upon the feminine in the persons of both Cylon captives, “Battlestar Galactica”, with just these last two episodes in Season 2.0, has fulfilled all the promise of what good storytelling on TV should be.

Jump on the bandwagon if you haven’t already and get caught up before Season 3 starts on the Sci-Fi channel in the next month or so. Resistance is …um, “So say we all!”


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  1. Harris Bailey said

    I hated Enterprise. What could have been a cross between STOG and Next Generation fell flat.

    Battlestar on the other hand is great. The start of the season was great, I wasn’t sure how they were going to resolve the occupation storyline and was scared that Micheal Ironside was going to show up as a “freedom fighter.” But it has come back around as solid story telling and thoughtful commentary. Last week’s show was some of the best televison on television.

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