My One Day at PAX 2006 – I met Jane Pinckard!

So, I knew that all the prominent game bloggers were gonna be there.

I’ve owned up to the unhappy fact that I am a star fucker. Anyone with the merest shred of celebrity who comes within my vicinity, and I start acting with a studied air of casual indifference. Furtively staring while contriving excuses for an introduction, something, anything that will bestow notice. Pitiful.

Some small, stupid part of me was hoping to make it on The 1UP Show. A segment on gay gamers, maybe. Perhaps Jane and I would check out the local bands and hipster haunts on Capitol Hill later, and I could find out how she came to do everything I love and get paid for it: writer, musician, film producer, gamer, Asian hottie. “It could’ve been me, it should’ve been me.”

I stood around with K for about 10 minutes, waiting for an audience while Ryan, another 1UP Show host/producer and what looked like The 1UP Show entourage, posed for pix and shot the shit.

I wished her luck since I had read she was leaving the show, and left them to their business. One thing I noticed though: all the bloggers I spied that day were much shorter than I expected: Brian Crecente from Kotaku (sorry, man, I hovered while you were buying food but found no graceful way to say hi), Jane, Ryan and Jeremy from 1UP. Weird.


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