Map – Vegan Seattle

I just learned about this tool yesterday: Very similar to Frappr, which seems to be more well-known/more used in the blogs I read.

I've been trying to figure out how to use Frappr at work, but had some reservations about the UI, how it asked you to sign up with your email before you could add anything to a map and other stuff. Though I love the concept of collaborative mapping and tools that help to visualize and build communities online.

Wayfaring, for whatever reason, seemed more appealing to me after only a brief glimpse. I jumped in immediately to create a map for my sister, who's coming for a month long visit in May. All the points of interest within walking distance.

Below is a map I found of vegan places in Seattle. Once you create a free account with Wayfaring, you can add your own sites. [I just noticed, how is this account requirement different from Frappr? Hmmm, interesting how my adoption of certain tools has just as much to do with a certain inscrutable threshold of resistence as it does with my intitial evaluation of usefulness. I.e. sometimes I'm just not ready, for no real reason, to start using a new tool.]

Anyway, I'll take a closer look at Frappr and Wayfaring more closely now. Both seem to have neat features the other lacks, so it'll be an online mapping community smackdown.

Vegan Seattle

Apparently iframes are evil and doesn't allow them. The above is just a screenshot of the actual map.


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