Time Saving Keystroke: Cmd-`

OK, so just about all of us know that hitting Cmd-Tab allows us to cycle through all of our open applications in OSX, right class? Great way to jump back and forth between applications without having to move your hand away from the keyboard, in addition to quitting and hiding them too.

Well get this. I recently learned an even cooler keystroke from The Unofficial Apple Weblog (get thee to the sidebar for this and more cool links). How did I manage to use my computer for four years without knowing this?

Hitting Cmd-` (the key right above Tab on most keyboards) allows you to cycle through documents within the current application. 

So having a bunch docs in Word is no longer such a bother to sift through, even with Exposé. This is one of those deceptively simple timesavers that makes all the difference in my workflow now, and that I have a hard time imagining living without. 


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