Get Yer Game Soundtracks Here

The save couchWow, this post on Kotaku led to a goldmine of game music. The soundtrack to Rez is there. And Ico too (another all-time favorite game of mine).

K always liked the song in Ico that would play whenever you saved. Sitting on the couch with Yorda to rest a bit, K would sometimes just let the music play, and we’d bob our heads along. I did some research on how to pull sound out of games or hook up a computer to the PS2, but we never really got far with it.

As far as game soundtracks go, I bought the one for Katamari Damacy and found the Rez tracks a while ago. As a game lover and music lover, I’m not as into listening to game soundtracks as you’d think. It feels a bit off-putting in a weird way. Like the two things shouldn’t mix for some reason. I wonder where this comes from.


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