The Frites Come Out at Night

There’s a little store near K’s place that sells authentic Belgian frites: cut into neat three-dimensional rectangles, all the same size, served in a paper cone with your choice of mayo-based dipping sauce and a cute little wooden spear to gobble it up all with.

Their hours, when they first opened at least, were late night, just right for all the hipsters coming out of a concert or a club, nicotine and grease consumed on a street corner.

Much as I love french fries, I can count the amount of times I’ve been there on one hand. Beyond the starchy goodness, there’s something satisfying about walking around, eating something wrapped in paper. With a little wooden spear!

At first I was worried if they’d have enough business, but it seems they’re doing OK. You know why, right? 🙂



  1. How lucky can one get? On my second try at random searches of blogs, I find the frites.

    I think the sauce is called remoulade – it’s also very popular for fried potatoes in denmark.

  2. notawesome said

    Hey, thanks for the heads up on the sauce. 🙂

    I can’t believe the variety of flavors they have. I always end up getting ranch though, promising myself to be more adventurous next time. But the idea of potentially hating it, and not having anything to dip the frites into always scares me back to the ranch. Sad, I know.

  3. nedra said

    You gotta get them to offer the satay sauce you’d find in their neighboring Netherlands. Deadly but delicious!

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