Tools I Use

So, there was this meme out there that many geeks jumped on: posting lists in their blogs of all the tools they use. I’m sure I’ll have to draw this one out over several posts, but here’s what I can think of so far:

  • OS: Mac OSX (10.3.9)
  • Email client/host: and Gmail (chose the latter for it’s free POP access but keeping an eye on Google’s privacy policy)
  • Browser: Firefox, for its extensions (esp. AdBlock Plus) and the fact that I can make it look like Safari. Check my Firefox tag in my to see what I mean.
  • News aggregator: NetNewsWire Lite
  • Instant messaging/VoIP/video chat: iChat (which necessitates a screenname with evil AIM)
  • FTP client: Transmit
  • HTML editor: Dreamweaver MX
  • Media player: VLC, opensource (and cross platform), plays many formats that the typical stuff won’t (Quicktime, WiMP, Real Player)
  • Screen capture: Paparazzi!, very cool since it allows you to squeeze a long webpage into a single printout/screenshot
  • Mind-mapping software: MyMind, found it useful in designing a website’s architecture and sitemap

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