A First Step

I can easily see this blog turning into a catalog of my adventures in resisting meat.

The day after I returned The Lives of Animals, I had a just about all-day meeting outside of the office. Lunch was the typical salad, cold cuts, bread and condiments. While I have no problem avoiding beef, roast beef is something I still salivate for when it’s in front of me.

I passed it by without much effort though. Turkey always seemed the most harmless, I’m not sure why. And I gravitated towards it instinctively. I mean, I always kinda pitied those people you see in front of this kind of spread, piling their slices of cheese on top of their bread and tomatoes and lettuce. Just watching them always made me feel hungry in sympathy (in my own arrogant way).

But I went ahead and made myself a cheese and tomato and mustard sandwich anyway. Without the salad and zucchini soup it would’ve been much harder. Thinking about the turkey and roast beef as I ate, I thought it wasn’t such a bad tradeoff. This time, anyway.

There are bigger battles to face than some bland cold cuts that never leave me satisfied anyway. Still, it felt really good to refuse them just the same–it made up quite a bit for that hollow feeling inside that vegetarianism always seemed to hold in store, and that definitely gnawed at my insides when the meeting was over.


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