Borrowing Bliss

I love the library. Especially because I live so close to it. It’s the perfect distance: near enough to walk to, far enough that you feel you went somewhere.

Even in the cold, dragging myself away from the couch and the blanket, walking there always makes me happy. At this time of year it’s bracing, and I come back with a book in my hands so I can curl up even longer with the kitty. Until I have to venture out again for the next book that arrives.

Hibernating. Having a stack of books I’ve put on hold, and game rentals that get mailed to me, winter’s actually not so bad.

When I found out that I could borrow music too, current as well as out of print stuff, I just about flipped out. Those two songs by Adorable, K and I heard at the Shoegazers’ Ball? They had that CD. The first album from defunct local band, Carissa’s Wierd? That one too. Damn. Can’t even find that one at the local hipster record shops.


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