Trauma Center: Under the Knife – Get ready to sweat

Trauma Center - Under the Knife So I’m finally a doctor. Took a long time to get here, but now I work with childish yet spookily skilled anime nurses who tell me what to do. As you can guess, I’m a young man who’s got something to prove to the world. And I have powers: the healing touch. I like to think of myself as the Marvin Gaye of the OR.

So there’s this nasty parasite out there called GUILT that everybody’s suffering from. [What is it with all of the Catholic underpinnings? Final Fantasy X’s pits players against Sin] Only I can save them…

Part of why I got this game is to have another reason to shove my Nintendo DS into the hands of friends: here, operate. But I hate time limits in games. And Trauma Center can be pretty brutal on this front. This is the only obstacle to easy pick up and play-ability. Yes, it simulates the pressures of a real procedure, but c’mon, not at the expense of fun or accessibility.

Can’t wait to show this to my parents and brother. That Brain Training game might go over better with the former though.


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